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4 Season Giving Tree


Back in 2019, a local school counselor contacted me about a family they believed to be in great need. During Zoom classes during the pandemic, teachers noticed that the kids from this family had no signs of bed or any furniture in their rooms. After further investigation, it was revealed that the mom had been very sick, and they moved in with family for many months and put all their items in storage. When they were finally able to move out and recover their items from storage, all their items were infested with rats— and unusable. The family moved into their new apartment with NOTHING.

After the teachers noticed that this family lacked basic necessities, they brought this to the attention of the counselor, who notified the me. Immediately I sprang to action, and with community posts and requests for help, beds were delivered to all three children the same day.


Knowing the kids were now taken care of, we needed to find a bed for the parents. Through searches in local group posts, a bed was identified. But we had a problem. There was no way to get the bed to the family. At 10 p.m. that evening, a desperate plea was put out on NextDoor for anyone with a truck to help get this mattress to the family. Late that night, David Elhawa messaged me and told me that he would be able to pick the mattress up and deliver it to them the next day. He also informed me that he ran a moving business on the side and is often hired to haul furniture directly to the dump, as his clients are often renovating, redecorating or downsizing. Instead of trashing this very good furniture, he offered to redirect it to families in need in the 4 Season Giving Tree Program.

From that conversation, a beautiful relationship was born.

After David delivered the bed to Family 15, he noticed that they had no other furniture. He proceeded to deliver any of the furniture (in very good condition) that he received from his clients. Thanks to David and his volunteer efforts, the family's apartment was fully furnished in under a month.

David continues to provide his time and the furniture he's hired to move to the 4 SEASON GIVING TREE families whenever possible. He is the sole reason we can offer furniture to families and has been able to fulfill almost every request that we have received. All his furniture is provided to families in need (provided that it is in clean and acceptable condition to be donated with dignity—no stains, rips, tears or obvious signs of wear.)

Since we are 100% volunteer based and because we highly respect all of our volunteers' time and the immense efforts that go into this program, we ask that all furniture donations be directly delivered to the family by the donor. We are not able to utilize David for all donated furniture that is offered, as he also works full time and already donates his free time to delivering furniture from his hired jobs directly to our families in need.

If people offering furniture are unable to deliver directly, we must politely decline the furniture offered, and refer you to other organizations such as A Wider Circle that are often able to help with furniture pick-ups for other needs outside of our non-profit.


David Elhawa can also be hired to help with any furniture needs. However, in no way is 4 SEASON GIVING TREE affiliated with David's moving business as he donates all his time to our organization through his volunteer efforts. If you would like to contact him for more information to hire him for any jobs, please text him at: 240-543-7516.

We appreciate your understanding and help for those in need!

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